Daniela Livia Rădulescu

Legal reviser, a graduate of the Faculty of Law with the University of Bucharest, who joined the TCS team in June 2008 and specialised in the revision of the ECHR case-law translations. Trained in internal communication, internal control, preventing and combating corruption, as well as legal English.
phone extension: 120

Mihai Sebe

Expert IA / Associate Editor RJEA
phone extension: 141

Bogdan Stavarache

Expert IA / Procurement 
phone extension: 128

Mihaela Ștefan

Expert IA / CFPP 
phone extension: 148

Florin Ulmeanu

Driver I
phone extension: 110

Eliza Vaş

Expert II / Associate Editor RJEA
phone extension: 150

Nicoleta Voicu
Expert IA / Project Coordinator 
phone extension: 152