Ana-Maria Georgescu

Coordinator of the Revision Office, a graduate in Legal Sciences, with an experience in translation and legal revision spanning more than 14 years.
phone extension: 122

Vladimir Guleac

Expert II
phone extension: 110

Ionela Suzana Haralambie

Translator, a graduate in Political Sciences, and a member of the TCS since 2006.
phone extension: 151

Monica Ingeaua

Head of Office
phone extension: 114

Cătălina Ionela Iosub

Legal Advisor IA
phone extension: 135

Elena Loredana Licuţa

Expert IA / Unit Coordinator
phone extension: 131

Laura Mihăilescu

Coordinator of the TCS, with an experience spanning more than 17 years with the EIR; as of June 2016, the Public Services National Anchor Point for the European Language Resource Coordination Committee.
phone extension: 117

Gigel Mihăiţă

Expert IA
phone extension: 134

Livia Mirescu

Expert I
phone extension: 146

Oana Mocanu

Acting Head of Unit -  II grade / Editor-in-Chief RJEA
phone extension: 121