Adriana Alexandru

Head of Unit - II grade
phone extension: 136

Mariana Bara

Ph.D. in Linguistics and associate professor, as well as terminologist and trainer at the EIR since 2006.
phone extension: 130

Raluca Magdalena Brad

Translator, with a Master's Degree in Specialised Translations, and a member of the TCS for more than 11 years.
phone extension: 140

Cristina Carmen Chiriac

Expert IA CFPP - Seconded to MAE

Georgiana Chivescu

Expert II
phone extension: 146

Mihai Constandache

Coordinator of the Translation Office, a graduate of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași and member of the TCS team since 2006.
phone extension: 143

Florentina Costache

Head of Unit - II grade / Assistant to the Director General
phone extension: 110

Costin Dobrescu

Expert II - Accounting
phone extension: 127

Monica Dumitrescu

Expert IA / Graphic design & DTP
phone extension: 133

Costin Leonard Fălcuţă

Legal reviser, a graduate in Legal Sciences and a member of the TCS since 2006.
phone extension: 151