Newsletter no. 8 - August 2009

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Newsletter No. 8 - August 2009

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Starting with its 8th issue, the EIR Newsletter will present in addition official information sources, of general or specific interest, aiming at consolidating the public debates’ platform on European issues.
About climate change and Europeans…

LIVIU MUREŞAN - Executive President of the EURISC Foundation, Member of the EIR Consultative Scientific Board
THE RESEARCH – critical infrastructure in the security architecture of the future

EIR Agenda: September – October 2009
EIR Conference: series: Romania - France: Together in Europe, 10 September
EIR Course: Implementation of EU environmental policy by the local administration, 21 – 25 September
Invitation to reading – a new glossary soon to be published by EIR

Green Trade – Looking Beyond 2012

RJEA, vol. 9, no. 3

Training programmes at EIR

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