Newsletter no. 3 - March 2009

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Newsletter no. 3 - March 2009

VASILE PUŞCAŞ - Minister, Head of the Department for European Affairs (DEA), Government of Romania
Accessing European funds: all we need is political will and a manifest interest to support the local authorities
FLORIN BONCIU - Member of the Consultative Scientific Board of EIR, trainer for the EIR’s General training programme in European Affairs
The economic crisis requires innovative solutions on a personal level as well as on company, community and national level

RJEA – On Its Anniversary…
EIR Agenda: April - May 2009
Training in European Affairs
EIR: Contributions to substantiating the Romanian policies
A new series of studies: SPOS – 2008
EIR- EIPA COURSE: 14-15 May, Bucharest
The Infringement Procedure

Calm after the storm

How efficient is the communication in the field of structural funds?

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