Newsletter no. 23 - November 2010

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Newsletter no. 23 - November 2010

Gabriela DRĂGAN - Director General of the European Institute of Romania

New Architecture of the European Union Cohesion Policy: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth
Evaluating structural and cohesion funds
Round Table at EIR „NATO’s New strategic concept – Perspectives and opportunities”, 29 October 2010
How do the Romanian MEPs represent us in Europe
Market Integration of Young People: to be or not to be … employed?

December issue of RJEA in 2010

Analysis | Opinion
EU’s Energy Strategy - Is Europe ready to face the energy challenges of the next decade?
The new European Trade Strategy
The Common Agricultural Policy is Awaiting the Adoption of the EU Budget
European Commission Work Programme for 2011

Working Paper no. 27 Towards a dynamic model of terrorist radicalization
Working Paper no. 28 Initiatives of the European Union in the Mediterranean region
Working Paper no. 29 Idea of Europe in inter-war Romania 

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