EIR - partner of the Economic Forum, Krynica

The 27th edition of the Economic Forum will take place in Krynica (Republic of Poland), between 5 and 7 September 2017, under the motto “Project: Europe. A Recipe for the Coming Decades”.

The   Economic Forum is a major event in the region and a renowned platform of discussion on a wide array of issues such as economy, politics, international security and society. As in the previous years, the Forum will be a distinct meeting place for the government officials and policy-makers, prominent politicians, business leaders, bankers and experts from most of the EU countries and other regions. The Forum’s program includes plenary sessions and over 150 panel sessions and round table discussions which will offer impartial and up-to-date information on the currently discussed political and economic issues.

Within the Economic Forum, for the sixth year in a row, the European Institute of Romania (EIR) will organize a panel session in cooperation with the Institute for Eastern Studies (Instytut Studiów Wschodnich - ISW) from Warsaw.

Roma Locuta - Causa Finita? What is the Gravitas of the Small and Medium-Sized States in the International Game Lead by the Big Players? is the theme proposed for debate within this edition.

The events we have been following in recent years may lead us to the conclusion that we are witnessing the return of the nineteenth-century style of international politics, to the concert of the great powers, where some of the most important players are in the lead, yet the voices of the smaller states are increasingly weaker and their interests are respected insofar as they are compatible with the aspirations of the superpowers. Is this impression justified? How important is the voice of the small and medium sized states in international politics?

Within the panel moderated by Mrs. Gabriela Drăgan, PhD, Director General of the European Institute of Romania, there will be invited officials and experts from EU Member States as well as from other countries.

For more information about the Economic Forum, please visit the official site of the event