EIR annual conference: Euro adoption in Romania: challenges and perspectives

9 December 2015 - The European Institute of Romania organized the annual conference entitled Euro adoption in Romania: challenges and perspectives. The event, organized with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Romania, marked EIR’s 15th anniversary and also hosted the 6th edition of EIR’s Excellency Awards.

The conference brought together representatives of the Government of Romania, of the Embassies of EU member states to Bucharest, as well as renowned experts, analysts and researchers in European affairs, finances and economy.

In the first session of the conference aspects regarding the consolidation of the Economic and Monetary Union have been discussed. The second session approached the issues related to the adoption of the single currency in Romania, emphasizing the challenges and perspectives for the achievement of this objective.

The granting of the EIR Excellence Awards for the promotion of the European spirit and values, 6th edition, took place in the final session of the event. This year the prizes went to projects and initiatives for the support and promotion of cultural and creative industries in Romania. This edition’s award winners were: the Regional Center for Excellence for Creative Industries (Cluj-Napoca City Hall); The National Festival for Youth Theatre Ideo Ideis (T.E.T.A. Association); Teen-Fest (Excelsior Theatre); Creative Est Festival (Oricum Association); ALT Festival (ALT Brasov); Romanian Design Week and Diploma (The Institute); Gabroveni Inn (ARCUB – Cultural Center of Bucharest); Vectorwatch (Andrei Pitiș); Intuitext (Softwin); NOD makerspace; Dizainăr.

Brochure of the conference

Event report

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Presentations from the conference:
Daniel Dăianu

Carlos Puente Martin
Aurelian Dochia
Carmen Mărcuș
Florin Bonciu 
Artur Nowak-Far