Debate: Energy security of the EU. Romania's participation in the Energy Union

15 February 2017 - The European Institute of Romania (EIR) organized a debate on Energy security of the EU.  Romania's participation in the Energy Union.

The debate was occasioned by the presentation of the research results of the study The energy diplomacy of the European Union and the potential of developing new infrastructure projects. Romania`s participation in the Energy Union,  conducted within the project Strategy and Policy Studies (SPOS) 2016, coordinated by the EIR.

The event was attended by representatives of the Romanian Government, members of the research team, experts in European affairs, economy, energy policy and security, environment, and representatives of academic and research institutions, media etc.

The EIR’s Strategy and Policy Studies project (SPOS) aims at providing elements for Romania’s policy making and post-accession position regarding the European integration. In 2016, this project delivered four studies that addressed various thematic areas relevant to the evolution of Romania in the European context. Research has sought to supply fundamental elements of policies in areas such as energy diplomacy of the European Union and Romania's participation in the Energy Union; the relationship between migration and labour market in Romania; the future strategic partnership between Romania and the United States in the context of TTIP; the prospects for Romania’s accession to the euro area.