EIR newsletter, no. 81 – September 2016

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The September issue of EIR Newsletter brings to the attention of our readers: a summary of the works of the Krynica-Zdroj Economic Forum in Poland, a featured presentation of the main topics of EIR Strategy and Policy Studies for 2016, a preview for the Autumn issue of the Romanian Journal of European Affairs, a testimonial of an Erasmus study mobility experience and an article dedicated to an international seminar focusing on the current migrant crisis in Europe.

The editors also propose a series  of articles touching upon the results of the informal Bratislava Summit of the European Union, the State of the Union presented by EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, but also two materials with a strong legal dimension attached to them. The first one refers to various rulings of the European Court of Human Rights and the other one is a terminology file dedicated to the concept of conscientious objector.

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