Translation Coordination Unit

It provided the Romanian translation and the linguistic and legal revision of the acquis communautaire adopted until Romania's accession to the EU.

At present, it ensures the translation and revision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) case-law (from French/English into Romanian), as well as the translation and revision of Romanian legal regulations into English and/or French.

Having regard to the legal consequences and the huge volume of the legislation and case-law translated, the Translation Coordination Unit ensures the quality of translations through linguistic and legal revision, through terminological consistency and specialized publications.

The Translation Coordination Unit:

  • coordinaes and/or carries out projects of translation, linguistic and legal revision of the ECHR case-law and other legal regulations;
  • validates the terminology used in the translations, with the  help of the experts in ministries, universities and other public institutions;
  • issues specialised publications for the use of translators, civil servants and persons interested in specialised translation (glossaries, guides, etc.);
  • contributes to the development of occupational standards for the occupations of terminologist, linguistic reviser and legal reviser;
  • conducts promotion and awareness-raising activities on the importance of translation, revision and terminology.