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Romania - 10 years in the European Union

On 1 January 2017 Romania celebrated 10 years of EU membership. This anniversary moment created the opportunity for the European Institute of Romania (EIR) to prepare and present to the public a synthetic document on the main benefits of Romania's integration into the community space. The report on "Romania - 10 Years in the European Union", elaborated by the Studies and Analyses Unit, and coordinated by Mrs. Gabriela Drăgan, Director General of EIR, presents a short history of the road to accession, the current regional context and the evolution of the perceptions of the Romanian citizens with regard to EU membership, the main sectoral benefits, as well as some considerations regarding the future of European construction. The document is available in Romanian here.

At the same time, during 2017, EIR and EDIC Bucharest organized a series of events dedicated to this anniversary moment #10RO@EU.

Communication events organized by EIR

Presentation of the Report Romania - 10 years in the EU in the framework of communication events with the participation of EIR

The report was also promoted/disseminated within the events organized by the EIR, both those included in the public debate campaign meant to introduce the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, as well as those outside this communication project and/or in the events organized by collaborators and institutional partners - for example, Seminar "Political Dynamics in the EU" (IDR, 4 July 2017), "European Union: Stronger than yesterday" (RCE, 6-7 July 2017), "Ambassador Schools of the European Parliament" Program in Romania (BIPE, 19 - 20 October 2017), "European Academy for Young Political Leaders" (CRPE, 3-5 November 2017), etc.

The Report was also sent to the 42 prefectures in the territory, in order to be disseminated at the level of each county.

Presentation of the Report Romania - 10 years in the EU in the Romanian media

Report Romania - 10 years in the EU on Social Media networks

The report was published on the EIR website and the Facebook social media network on April 26, 2017. Since then, over 9,000 people have seen the FB posting, with approximately 80 shares.



Romanian Presidency of the EU Council (January – June 2019)

On November 2016 was launched a public debate campaign meant to introduce the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council (semester I 2019).  The European Institute of Romania (EIR) is part of this public communication project by organizing debates and/or other communication events in partnership with ministries and other specialized institutions. The events organized by EIR in this campaign have different formats (conferences, debates, World Cafe, etc.) and are addressed to various target groups (public administration, academic and research environment, business environment, and higher, non-governmental organizations, etc.).

Events organized in 2017

30 - 31 October (Stara Zagora Bulgaria): Simulations of the EU decision-making process: Young people make the decision! (available only in Romanian)

27 October: EU reform. Options concerning the future of the European project

20 October: Regional Development and Cohesion Policy Reform post 2020

18 October: Innovative transport networks to increase the mobility within the Internal Market

22 September: Consumer protection - key element in a deeper and fairer internal market

19 September: The Transatlantic Relationship. 20 years of Romania-US Strategic Partnership

10 April: Challenges to free movement on the labour market in the EU

3 April: Multi-annual financial framework post-2020 - a response to the future of the EU (available only in Romanian)

10 March: Europe of young people, young people of Europe!  # RO10@UE and #ERASMUS30

9 March: The impact of migration on the labour market at European level. How does Romania respond to the new challenges?

21 February: Fighting the effects of climate change at European and global level (available only in Romanian)

15 February: Energy security of the EU. Romania's participation in the Energy Union


Events organized in 2016

16 December: The Economy in Debate - The Competitiveness of the European Economy and the Role of SMEs in Boosting Economic Growth and Employment at EU Level

25 November: Competence development - a key role in linking education with labour market needs in Romania (available only in Romanian)

23 November: A new impetus for jobs through the digital revolution (available only in Romanian)



European perspectives

Between September 2012 and July 2013, the European Institute of Romania carried out a technical assistance project for the organization of ten debates in the "European Perspective" series, as well as two conferences with international participation, as part of a service contract for the Representation European Commission in Romania.

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Romania - France: together in Europe

The series of conferences “Romania - France: together in Europe” run in partnership with the Embassy of France in Romania is among EIR’s successful projects. The public conferences launched in the spring of 2007 to mark Romania’s accession to the EU and the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome aimed to contribute to the analysis of European topics which are important both for the European Union, as a whole, and in particular for the two countries, leading to a better understanding of the Community policies, the institutional developments as well as to a stronger bilateral relation between the two member states in the area of European affairs.

During the 31 conferences organised between 2007 - 2011, political personalities and high officials of the French administration put forward for debate topics from the Community agenda, such as: social policy, territorial reform, budgetary reform, defence policy, multilingualism and francophony, environment protection, agriculture, institutional reform, etc.

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Policies of Romania

The main objective of the series of debates "Policies of Romania", launched by the European Institute of Romania in 2008, is to bring forward on the European public agenda the themes tackled in the Strategy and Policy Studies - SPOS.