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Anuar Conjunctura economiei mondiale - 1995
Anuar Conjunctura economiei mondiale - 1996
Anuar Conjunctura economiei mondiale - 1997
Anuar Conjunctura economiei mondiale - 1998
Anuar Conjunctura economiei mondiale - 1999
Applied Economics
Applied Economics Griffiths, A.; Wall, St. Pearson Educational 0273-65152-8
Asia Meets Europe: Inter-Regionalism and the Asia-Europe Meeting Gilson, J. Edward Elgar 1 84064 108 8
Asigurari – probleme juridice si tehnice Caraiani, Gh. Lumina Lex, 2001 92-824-1240-7
Asigurarile maritime Caraiani, Gh., Tudor, M. Lumina Lex, 1998 92-824-1180-X
Asistenta economica acordata României de Grupul tarilor dezvoltate –G 24 Guvernul României, DAE, Directia de Cooperare Financiara si Asistenta Economica Guvernul României, DIE, Bucuresti, ed. 3, martie, 1998 92-824-1180-X
Asylum, Immigration and Schengen Post-Amsterdam. A First Assessment Marinho, C. European institute of Public Administration 90-6779-160-1
Atlas botanic
Atlas Zoologic
Banking and Financial Stability in Central Europe Green, D.; Petrick, K. Edward Elgar 1 84064 512 1
Banking in the New Europe Gardner, Ed.P.M; Molyneux, Ph.; Moore, B. Palgrave Macmillan 0-333-96434-9
Banking Reforms in South-Eatern Europe Sevic, Z. Edward Elgar 1 84054 377 3
Basic texts on transparency concerning the activities of the Council of the European Union Council of the European Union EUR-OP, February, 2000 92-828-1652-4
Between Vision and Reality. CFSP's Progress on the Path to Maturity Duke, S. European Institute of Public Administration 90-6779-145-8
Beyond the Market
Beyond the Market. The EU and National Social Policy Hine, D.; Kassim, H. Routledge 0-415-15238-0
Black's Law Dictionary Garner, B. (ed.) West Group, St. Paul, Minn., ed. 7, 1999 92-828-1652-4
Bowett's Law of the International Institutions Sands, P.; Klein, P. Sweet & Maxwell 0-421-53690
Britain and European Integration 1945-1998. A Documentary History. Gowland, D.; Turner,A. Routledge 0-415-17975-0
Britain – The Country and its People -- An Introduction for Learners of English O’Driscoll, James Oxford University Press, ed. 5, 1999 973-9439-41-1
Bucurestiul interbelic. Calea Victoriei. Interbellum Bucharest Octavian, T.; Georgescu,M. NOI Media Print 973-99493-7-1
Buletin statistic de industrie, anul XV, nr.3/2004 Institutul National de Statistica Institutul National de Statistica 1223-0502
Buletin Statistic Lunar, nr. 3/2004 Institutul National de Statistica Institutul National de Statistica 1123-7507
Bulletin of the European Union, No. 1/2, 1998 EC EUR-OP 1998 92-828-1652-4
Bulletin of the European Union, No. 1/2, 1999 EC EUR-OP 1999 92-828-1652-4